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Human Flourishing: Positivity Ratio

October 21, 2011 · No Comments


My answers to these questions over time, determine whether I will flourish or languish. These are outcome measures of Sensei Bert Bennett’s “vertical” and “horizontal“. My practice is to turn toward each as I am experiencing it. Also I am designing my days to include experiences of awe, gratitude, play, closeness and serenity. Playfulness needs attention!

  1. What is the most amused, fun-loving, or silly you felt?
  2. What is the most angry, irritated, or annoyed you felt?
  3. What is the most ashamed, humiliated, or disgraced you felt?
  4. What is the most awe, wonder, or amazement you felt?
  5. What is the most contemptuous, scornful, or disdainful you felt?
  6. What is the most disgust, distaste, or revulsion you felt?
  7. What is the most embarrassed, self-conscious, or blushing you felt?
  8. What is the most grateful, appreciative, or thankful you felt?
  9. What is the most guilty, repentant, or blameworthy you felt?
  10. What is the most hate, distrust, or suspicion you felt?
  11. What is the most hopeful, optimistic, or encouraged you felt?
  12. What is the most inspired, uplifted, or elevated you felt?
  13. What is the most interested, alert, or curious you felt?
  14. What is the most joyful, glad, or happy you felt?
  15. What is the most love, closeness, or trust you felt?
  16. What is the most proud, confident, or self-assured you felt?
  17. What is the most sad, downhearted, or unhappy you felt?
  18. What is the most scared, fearful, or afraid you felt?
  19. What is the most serene, content, or peaceful you felt?
  20. What is the most stressed, nervous, or overwhelmed you felt?
  1. angry
  2. humiliated
  3. contemptuous
  4. disgust
  5. embarrassed
  6. guilty
  7. distrust
  8. unhappy
  9. fearful
  10. stressed
  11. awe
  12. amused
  13. grateful
  14. hopeful
  15. inspired
  16. interested
  17. joyful
  18. closeness
  19. proud
  20. serene

I will turn toward the underlined emotions.

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