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Monday @ the Dojo–Thouness

November 8, 2011 · No Comments

PRACTICES for the week: ( Respect-Touch, Extend-space & care, Play, Smile, Thou-Blending, Effect?)

  1. Notice/Experience from shared center (Thou-Thou) in a large space, with physical respect.
  2. Settle. Inclusively, not as I-It.
  3. Move / flow (without thought or technique) in the shared care (nested care), together, helping the other.
  4. Notice effect.

Notes from the dojo:

  • Thou is bigger than my present and past selves, bigger than my body, bigger than the present threat or frustration; Thou is the universe and includes me (as Thou) and the other (as Thou). Thou is loving-extension.
  • Touch is connection without a hint of force or violence. The joy of connection is possible only when the small self is nurtured and one is able to¬† expand to Thou-Thou. Accept self, accept other.
  • Extension is smiling (aikido is impossible without extension, extension is impossible without respect, respect is impossible without the intention to help the other toward their care–Thouness.) Touch without extension (Thouness) is technique and a subtle form of violence or dishonesty (I-It).
  • Extension is living as Thou. Always bigger then the tempest. Present conflict is always moving in a bigger care, never upsetting that bigger care. Extend attention and intention beyond the tempest and conflict to mutual even universal care.
  • Play is extension. Play is Thouness. If I am not smiling from center, I am probably not extending nor playing.
  • Blending is intention and assistance to help the other. The way is to connect and be (with) the other as I-Thou.
  • Respect is attention to the others intention (line) with the desire to help them with their care, with zero violence (pushing or withdrawing). Respect is I-Thou (Thou-Thou).
  • From the openness of Thou-Thou, Sense the others intention , that is the beginning of respectfulness.
  • Technique is from the head to the body, degrades to chaos in three reps or less
  • Aikido (technique-less) is movement from the center–of the situation–in harmony with no force but rather with the strength of extension–Thouness
  • True strength is extension with precision (based upon shared care).



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