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Open Mind

November 28th, 2012 · No Comments

Undefended mind

Undefended emotions

Fully sensating body



November 23rd, 2012 · No Comments

Intense Presence is required –

as occurred during critical moments in the emergency room.

Precisely appropriate presence–

a reciprocal blend of observing and responding with what is unfolding and required.

No allegiance to ego (or all allegiance to Ego).

Aikido–Serious PLAY.

Vertical–allegiance to beginning now in this moment, and from now on.


I am in.

No allegiance to self hatred.

No allegiance to self defeating moves.

No allegiance to hidden defensive routines.

Touch with tenderness and vulnerability–

openness to the past and the future

from this place, this moment, these “we”,

with explicit purpose and care.

No allegiance to  hurrying and

no allegiance to  lagging.


No Matter What (parasympathetic perspective)

November 14th, 2012 · No Comments

At once

From vertical (parasympathetic)

Always available,

I can sense my own horizontal (adrenergic) inclinations

And notice,

From vertical.

Things change.



The Mother of the Thing I Fear

November 14th, 2012 · No Comments


It is not the thing you fear that you must deal with, it is the mother of the thing you fear. The very thing that has given birth to the nightmare.

We stand literally petrified before the surface beneath which we must descend…We do not want to know what is down there, and we certainly do not want to know that the obscuring darkness is of our own making.

Beowulf is given the helmet of the king, and a great and famous sword, Hrunting, but as the story makes clear, these do not help him except to bolster his courage in entering. At this point Beowulf’s power seems to have more to do with a process of disarming.

Beowulf finds that the great sword Hrunting…is useless against this she-monster…Beowulf sees, glowing on the wall, an unknown but marvelous sword…Whatever is needed for the moment of truth in those dire, deep places seems brought to view only on our arrival at the very bottom.

David Whyte, The Heart Aroused



November 11th, 2012 · No Comments

Is it other than coherent, integration of body, mind, and emotion?


More Specifically–Meadows

November 11th, 2012 · No Comments

Refelections on Meadows Leverage Points

Awakening (perceiving, the source of human paradigms)

  1. Sensations (awareness)
  2. Melting (losing control in order to be in the present moment)
  3. Pivoting effortlessly in the fullness of the moment (coherent action in the present moment)

Paradigms (sense-making)

  1. Connectedness (part of) (more than sum of parts)
  2. Love
  3. Emergence
  4. More than possession, control, and dominion.

Polis (politics) (wholeness–defined)

  1. Open forums
  2. WWW
  3. Neighbors
  4. The Commons (Ostrum)
  5. Community Organizing (Ganz)

Dynamic interconnected systems (system interactions among interdependent parts over time)

  1. Rippel ReThink Health Model of community health (ACO context)

Mechanics (algorithmic, rule based decisions and plans)

  1. Execution on plans which derive coherently from A, B, and C.


Health is fundamentally more than the absence of illness.

People are fundamentally more than consumers of goods and services.

Service providers are more than employees.

Institutions are more than bureaucracies.

Neighborhoods are more than inhabitants.

Citizens are more than people with rights.


The Sensation of Support

November 10th, 2012 · No Comments

Play with the difference

between Vertical and Horizontal.

One can become aware of the sensations of being supported

of being nourished in the moment (Vertical)

One can become aware of being depleted, or spending energy

to hold or withhold (Horizontal).

One can then learn to be aware of the difference

and experience this difference from the stance or state of being supported and nourished as part of the embodied,  physical and biological world.

Staying with, turning toward the difference, it transforms effortlessly.

This is what it feels like to learn from be supported.


Living Dangerously

November 10th, 2012 · No Comments

Resting into dangerousness

The sensation

The reality

The possibility

The excitement

The edges

The True Play of living in a deliciously dangerous world



November 7th, 2012 · No Comments





This is the foundation of life and living.

There is a way of being in the world in this moment that is nourishing.

It has a feeling,

a posture

a pattern of breathing

an open hearted way of being in the world

a grounded way of being in the world

a relaxed abdomen way of being in the world

a happy curious way of being in the world, full of wonder and awe.

There are other ways of being in the world.



Recommending: Buddha in Blue Jeans

November 5th, 2012 · No Comments

An Extremely Short Simple Zen Guide to Sitting Quietly and Being Buddha

Simple profoundness we can learn by sitting quietly.

Free e-book from Amazon/Kindle and iTunes.