Marc's Reflection on Aikido & True Play

Present without Pre Tension

July 15th, 2013 · No Comments

I got nearer to the root

of my fear and

lack of tenderness.

The root of this thorny plant

is “pretense”,

a felt need to appear

(to be)

other than I am.

There is little safety

or ability to relax

when compelled to

show up

instead of




without preconditions,




SENSATION as mentor

July 15th, 2013 · No Comments

I am exploring a primary way of being in the world.

Sensation. The sensuous.

More specifically the primary sensations are the ever-available sensations of gravity (compression) and balance which are handy as well as pre-emotional, the pre-linguistic. I am taking care not to say “pre-cognitive” because I want to reserve the concept of cognition to include sensation, emotion, and language.

The stage is always being set.

I prefer a stage which is set by the sensations of compression and balance and on this stage have emotion and language find their places. I do not enjoy the stages set by emotion or thought where the body has to find its place, literally as an afterthought, an after emotion.

Reality is available through the sensations.


(of Sacred, Love, Connection, Effortlessness, Transformation, Precision, Present Moment)

is available through the sensations

(of Compression and Balance).


A Reflection and a Meditation — on Learning Together

July 15th, 2013 · No Comments

Taking Time for Falling into Love
(alternatively “Learning to Wait”)





Patiently, sometimes interminably

For harmony to find itself

Learning to wait.

Silence when that is all there is



Curbing my enthusiasm


Finding our enthusiasm

Tempo, tone, timber, mood, color, flavor, texture, feeling

Falling into

Feeling into


Opening to Ensemble

Playing together.

Time and tenderness

Coming back to the moment, again and again

Letting emotion come and go, wash over me, wash over us, wash away

Learning to wait

Calmly or not

Again and again


Whatever it takes, so we are together,

Sometimes moving in harmony

Noticing breath

Noticing balance

Reaching out, into and through

Touching each other.

Being touched, sometimes deeply.

It’s was breathtaking


In these moments for no particular purpose other than the sensation of harmony

Finding our way tenderly, through touch,

touching one another, being touched






Tearful gratitude at being heard

No goal allowed to bury loving connection this time!

No form of violence, no forcefulness of personality, displaces tenderness this time!

This was a time of tenderness.


Play PENs

July 15th, 2013 · No Comments

My reflection on  Play PENs (Playful Participatory Embodiment Networks) and wellbeing:

An appreciative approach to exploration makes a big difference.

“Play”, “participation” and “embodiment” are all words pointing to the same thing. “Play” is critical as it clarifies that this is not violent nor coerced participation and that the affect is positive rather than negative or fear-based.

Nets or webs that work and are playful are necessarily voluntary and therefore held together by personally meaningful attractors–shared care and resonance among participants.

In sharing our past experiences of wellbeing, we discover that we are deeply connected with the outdoors, with the sensory, sensuous experience of nature.

In my own past, the human network or connections associated with wellbeing have been non-judgmental—accepting, calling for no pretense.

The technology for Play PENs is widely available—anyone with a smart phone. The key is the nature of the attractor and participating with playful attitude.