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SENSATION as mentor

July 15, 2013 · No Comments

I am exploring a primary way of being in the world.

Sensation. The sensuous.

More specifically the primary sensations are the ever-available sensations of gravity (compression) and balance which are handy as well as pre-emotional, the pre-linguistic. I am taking care not to say “pre-cognitive” because I want to reserve the concept of cognition to include sensation, emotion, and language.

The stage is always being set.

I prefer a stage which is set by the sensations of compression and balance and on this stage have emotion and language find their places. I do not enjoy the stages set by emotion or thought where the body has to find its place, literally as an afterthought, an after emotion.

Reality is available through the sensations.


(of Sacred, Love, Connection, Effortlessness, Transformation, Precision, Present Moment)

is available through the sensations

(of Compression and Balance).


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