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Willy-nilly (beginning a daily practice)

March 8, 2017 · No Comments


Typing against the clock for 5 minutes, eyes closed. Without looking at my fingers. Like a long-distance runner stretching or doing sprints. A means of getting into the mood, getting into the habit. A discipline that precedes running, uh, writing. It is an exercise, a practice, not the real thing, a feint, a beneficial self-deception, a way to force oneself, this self, myself to some next level perhaps just to the first level since without discipline who could call themselves a runner or a writer. One may occasionally run or write, but that does not make one “a” runner or “a” writer. Being “a” doctor, “a” anything means that there are standards that there is professionalism. I wonder what it means to be “a” person. Not sure that I live to any rigorous set of standards. Certainly, there are some default standards like honesty, but does it include self-honesty, or activist honesty or is it only a passive and therefore partial honesty. What other principles of living are unprofessionally practiced, willy-nilly? Willy-nilly, that’s a title. I have default standards such as honesty, but is it an active honesty? I don’t lie to people but do I make sure they understand? How honest am I with myself about myself, about others?


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