Marc's Reflection on Aikido & True Play


November 23rd, 2012 · No Comments

Intense Presence is required –

as occurred during critical moments in the emergency room.

Precisely appropriate presence–

a reciprocal blend of observing and responding with what is unfolding and required.

No allegiance to ego (or all allegiance to Ego).

Aikido–Serious PLAY.

Vertical–allegiance to beginning now in this moment, and from now on.


I am in.

No allegiance to self hatred.

No allegiance to self defeating moves.

No allegiance to hidden defensive routines.

Touch with tenderness and vulnerability–

openness to the past and the future

from this place, this moment, these “we”,

with explicit purpose and care.

No allegiance to  hurrying and

no allegiance to  lagging.



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Is it other than coherent, integration of body, mind, and emotion?



October 22nd, 2012 · 1 Comment

Tension in my body is simply the way my body reacts to my attempts to make time go faster or slower. The  clear awareness of  my “trying” with my body to be in another place or another time is amazingly helpful. Knowing the symptoms of this physical near psychosis is very handy. Now that I can see and feel how precisely crazy this effort is, I can generally let go of it and rest into this moment. It is the best practice  that I have found for noticing my escape attempts and for then being comfortable in this very moment.

Thanks Bert!


Idealism & Cynicism – Rediscovering our Idealism

September 28th, 2012 · No Comments

Notes and reflections on a conversation with Bert Bennett yesterday:

A work in progress….

IDEALISM, enthusiasm, exuberance, spontaneous, self-expression: Giving, Loving, “being” “in” love

CYNICISM, misunderstanding, rejection, judgement, self protection, pushing, withdrawing–Taking, Needing to get (take) love.

Youthful emotional pain -> Pained stories of past and future -> Adult pained bodies and awkward moves

Exuberance -> Misunderstanding

Giving -> Rejection

Connecting -> Pushing & Withdrawing

Aliveness -> Self-protection

Spontaneity -> Self regulating (controlling self-others through “fences”)

RECOVERING from cynicism–recovering our idealism through the act of loving self, world, other as it “is”, with no violence to self or other or the world.

Together we can develop adult practices of idealism, and get back to loving in this moment (the ultimate high):


The past and the future live in our narratives, in our stories, of necessity since there is no physical past or future at any moment. The past and the future are products of mind.

The every unfolding present moment has substance beyond the activities of mind; however, with enough cynicism we can find ourselves living predominantly inside the biological and emotional effects of our stories of  a remembered past and an imagined future rather than in the physically present moment.

The strongest innate human attractor may be joyful connection and self-expression with others. There are ways to participate with this possibility. That is what the Friday Dojo sessions are pointing toward.

We can come face to face with our  embodied and lived cynicism. We can turn openly and fully toward this, and get really familiar and even comfortable with it.

From this place of awareness and acceptance of what is, we can also

rest into:

  1. our sensation of compression,
  2. our sensation of center,
  3. our sensation of connection,
  4. our sensation of effortlessness,
  5. our sensation of transformation,
  6. our sensation of precision,
  7. our sensation of the present moment (place/body/mood/stories/  and the other six immutable facts)

Bert’s deconstruction of the concept of boundaries  into “Fences” and “Boundaries” is useful

When we are “vertical” and aware of our own boundaries, within which we are sovereign, and move within that sovereign “space” and way of being;

When we are aware of our “fences” which we have built and maintained to protect some injured spot (some story of pain and protection), we can develop a practice of relaxing “vertically”  (seven immutable facts) into our livable, safe, soverign boundary and move gracefully with others as they connect with us, however they show up.


Idealism–possbbilities, self expression (replaces self control and contraction), giving (replaces felt need to take)

Loving–Radiating (replaces collecting, accumulating)

Physically Present – Physical compression, shape of our breath (replaces being lost in our minds and moving awkwardly in the world)

Resting–Into living our lives with others (replaces protecting ourselves from others and from a punishing self)

Time stands still (expands)–The present moment is lived in (replaces living in our reactions to our narratives of past and future)



Present Sensations

March 19th, 2012 · No Comments

Turn toward, rest into, be with


Sensations are the present, period.

Some ever present sensations are:


Practice noticing and turning toward each sensation of the present

This moment is its sensations. Breath, sense, turn toward, stay with…

Pushing past and turning away are sensations and come from sensations.


Perceptive Stance, Internal Observer–External Originator-Creator

February 24th, 2012 · No Comments

Where is my observer positioned?

1) Behind my eyes, inside my skin–near the sensory organs and interpreter.

2) From the source of each sensation (rather than from the sensory organs).

I am finding it very easy to shift from my habitual stance–behind my eyes, to the source stance. I can now feel the perceptive stance shift back and forth.

The effect is amazing. I feel the rain to be creating me–in some real way I am BEING rained. Not being rained upon but being created in the moment by the experience of raining. There is another feeling–relaxation, less holding away, less need for protection from the “outside”.


The Quest

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?,. ?,. ?,.


The 8th Fact: Care

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Is the source of Gratitude



Sofia, Isabella, Lola

Career in health care: Colleges serving and creating together

Family, including Mico


Ocean, Sky, Mountains, Rain, Sun, Wind, Warmth, Cold

Walks, talks, rides, paddles, sails

Breathing in this moment



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Sense from center–self and others in the present moment

From the ground

as often as possible


All connection is physical, embodied in this moment

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There is a real world.

One moves in this world.

One experiences this world.

Then one reacts. (one can react before experience).

The reactions are either acceptance/staying/flowing/connecting/and perhaps blending

…or fearful aggression or fearful withdrawal–pushing or pulling.

The acceptance staying from center/flowing/blending are present, "physical", coherent; generally "playful" and enjoyable.

The fearful choice is non-present, non-staying, non-flowing, non-blending, abstract, and incoherent; generally awkward and painful.

That is a heck of a choice.