Marc's Reflection on Aikido & True Play


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In motion

Flowing, Never pushing, Never pulling


Two as one

Many as one



Practicing sameness

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From what?

Separating, isolating


Breath, relax, extend into

The true I-I.

Into true sameness.

Acceptance, of self.

That is the key move.

To practice.


I-I, Sameness, a Larger Center

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Bad behavior?

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In a world of pushing, holding and withdrawing, what is the middle way? What is the practice of acceptance and blending?

If not pushing, if not holding, if not withdrawing, then what?

There must be a non-collision course, a subtle move out of harm’s way, and a continuing connection that is not pushing, holding, or withdrawing–that is flowing with the other’s energy and momentum. Experiencing the other as same, as connected oneness

To do this one must remain grounded, without fear and attachment. This comes from a larger space than heart and mind. It can only come from oneness, sameness, "compassion" which is not empathy, rather universality, wholeness, total lack of narrowness.



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There is always some limit, some boundary, some separation that I choose–to protect me from… what?

"Sameness" is an innovation beyond Buber. It is the experience of being Sensi’s "you-you".

It is true connection.


Sameness or alienation

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There is real connection in the world.

There is a self imposed attempt to limit this connection.

It is a kind of fighting against reality in an attempt to protect something or the other from something or the other.

This movable, self imposed boundary is a big deal. Fortunately this "false" boundary setting and its origins are susceptible to Aikido practices, starting with awareness and then a gentle acceptance and curiosity.

The larger the space of sameness, oneness, non-otherness, the more flow that can occur.

Self selected alienation is another word for this boundary. Sounds inviting?


Buber extended

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The edge = the precise line where I separate self from ..myself.

The precise line where I begin pushing or pulling away

Where Martin Buber’s wonderful invention Ich-du (I-thou) now and more profoundly becomes I-I.

Where pushing, pulling,and avoiding become accepting and being with, sameness, unity.